About A&H Security Services LLC

A&H Security Services was founded by Felix Cabreja, Felix is seasoned security professional with over four decades of professional experience in providing security services to government agencies. Felix earned his reputation for excellence in 1993, when his prior company became a sub-contractor for guard service on several large NYC government contracts.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic when NYC faced unpresented challenges, Felix Founded A&H Security Services, LLC. Felix along with a group of experienced and dedicated security executives came together to create a unique security company to address the growing security concerns of NYC agencies, non-profits, and private companies throughout the city. Thus, A&H Security Services was born.

A&H Security is a locally owned and operated Security firm which is recognized by New York City as a certified Minority Based Enterprise (MBE). With over 25+ current clients and over 1,100 guards A&H Security is quickly becoming NYC go to security firm for hotels, asylums, shelters, medical facilities, construction sites, and residential buildings.

A&H Security’s main headquarters is in the Bronx, NY. Our headquarters is open 24/7 365 days a year.

A&H Security Services Specializes in the Following:
- Armed and Unarmed Security Officers
- Access Control, X-Ray Screening, CCTV or surveillance monitoring
- Fire Guards
- Fire and Life Safety Directors
- Vehicle Patrol and Field Supervisory Services
- NARCAN administration
- First Aid/CPR
- Security Systems & Recommendation plans

A&H Security Officers are trained in the following:
- CPR and First Aid
- De-escalation & Restraining Techniques
- NARCAN Administration
- Fire Prevention Training
- Arrest Procedures and Protocols
- Accident and Loss Prevention
- Crowd Control
- Surveillance Monitoring
- Patrol Procedures
- Incident and Report Writing
- Customer Service & Residential Building Services
- Legal and Ethical Standards
- Emergency Response
- Use of Security Equipment – Metal Detectors, Wands, CCTV, alarm systems, access control systems
- Crisis Management
- Legal Liability Training

A&H’s personnel process is a very extensive multi step process. This process can be broken down into 6 major categories.

1. Dependability and Trustworthiness – Making sure our guards are showing up on time consistently and performing their duties to the highest quality is a critical quality we look for in our employees.

2. Wisdom – A&H guards have an extensive knowledge of various security technique, knowing when and how to apply these techniques are essential to providing high quality services.

3. Professional Appearance – A&H guards will be properly dressed and equipped. All our guards will always remain professional, which will play an important role preventing incidents from occurring and or escalating.

4. Reporting – All A&H guards will have the ability to create and submit detailed reports. This will allow your management team to make decisions based on detailed information.

5. Fast Acting Response Time – Making sure our guards are physically and mentally fit to respond to any situation as quickly as possible.

6. Background Check and Certifications – A&H personnel are required to pass a background check as well as certification verification to ensure all guards place on-site are 100% qualified.

Get Professional Security Services.

Welcome to A&H the most trustworthy and reliable security service. With years of experience, A&H has been monitoring facilities and homes throughout New York City and New York State.