Welcome to A&H the most trustworthy and reliable security service.

Decades of Trusted Security Excellence: A&H Security has been providing various high level security services to private organizations, non-profits, and government agencies through New York State and New York City.


Welcome to A&H the most trustworthy and reliable security service. With years of experience, A&H has been monitoring facilities and homes throughout New York City and New York State. With a highly-skilled staff, A&H will give you the peace-of-mind and security you deserve.

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  • Security Officers
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Special Events
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Fire Guard Services
  • Fire Safety Director

A&H will give you the peace-of-mind and security you deserve.

Service Industries

We customize security program by using our innovative technology while maintaining the highest quality of customer service – all offered at a competitive price:


A&H Security is able to provide Security Officers with the following New York State certifications:

· New York State Security Guard License
· 8 Hour Pre-Assignment
· 16 Hour On-the-Job training
· 8 Hour Annual (renewal course)
· CPR & First Aid
· Narcan administration
· F-01: Citywide Fire Guard for Impairment
· F-02: Fire Guard for Shelters
· F-03: Indoor Place of Assembly Safety Personnel
· F-04: Temporary Indoor/Outdoor Place of Assembly Safety Personnel
· F-58: Fire Safety Director
· F-59: Emergency Action Plan Director
· F-60: Fire Guard for Torch Operations and Constructions Sites
· F-80: Coordinator of Fire safety and Alarm Systems in homeless Shelters
· New York State Armed Security Guard License

Uniformed Armed & Unarmed Security Officers

We are rapidly expanding with over 1100+ employees.

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Covering Every Corner of NYC with Precision and Vigilance. Your Safety, Our Commitment

Electronic Surveilliance & Security System

Acquisition of information by an electronic, mechanical, or other surveillance device

Your Trusted Partner in Safety

Offering a Range of Fire Guard and Fire Safety Director Services Tailored to Your Needs. Ensuring Your Peace of Mind, Every Step of the Way.



A&H Security Services

Giving our clients Peace of Mind: Our mission is to provide unparalleled security solutions that safeguard the well-being of our clients, their assets, and their environments.


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A&H is committed to 100% Customer Satisfaction by over-exceeding its client expectation in:

  • Professionalism

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